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News | Startup drive for better air quality

Bosch is increasingly promoting the innovative strength of startups

According to a study of the World Health Organization (WHO), 90 percent of the world population is exposed to poor quality air, with the worst conditions in the poorer countries of Africa and Asia as well as in megacities around the world. Bosch has responded to tackling this enormous challenge not only with its own solutions – among them air-measuring devices, virtual power plants, and mobility services – it has also stepped up its cooperation with startups. In May, Bosch engaged in dialog with startup founders at the “Pioneers’ 18” tech event in Vienna, where 2,500 young entrepreneurs from around the world with established companies convened.


Participants of the Bosch pitching challenge (Source: Robert Bosch AG/APA-Fotoservice/Schedl, photographer: Ludwig Schedl)


Better ambient air thanks to smart devices

In an ideas competition, startups competed for the best way to turn real-time data from air measuring sensors into concrete measures. With the “Bosch Pitching Challenge”, participants were asked to come up with creative approaches related to the Internet of Things. The winning technology aims to ensure good ambient air quality. “Clairy”, an Italian startup, developed a smart flower pot that naturally keeps ambient air clean: a small ventilator aerates the plant’s roots so that they can better absorb hazardous substances and turn them into oxygen. The jury was convinced of the idea’s potential and gave the startup the opportunity to keep working on it with Bosch experts.


Paolo Ganis, one of the founders of the startup Clairy (Source: Robert Bosch AG/APA-Fotoservice/Schedl, photographer: Ludwig Schedl)


Bosch is increasingly becoming a startup founder itself for sustainable solutions, for instance with Triffix. The company’s start-up specializes in “virtual traffic signs” that are currently being tested in Stuttgart, Germany. The city’s traffic control center transmits relevant information, including recommended action, to Triffix, which then forwards data directly to users’ smart phones via push notifications. In brief: everyone receives the most important information in the right place and at the right time, thus allowing drivers to avoid obstacles and stay on the most eco-friendly route. 


More information on the Pitching Challenge can be found here

Further information on startup ideas that Bosch promotes can be found on the Bosch Startup Platform