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News | A successful education project

Bosch is committed to an unique initiative to fight youth unemployment in Italy

Daniele Massuro won a soccer world cup with the Italian national team in 1982, was a four-time champion in the Italian soccer league, and has played for a two-time Champions League-winning team. He is thus a role model for Italian youth and is now using his fame for a good cause: to talk about work with young people. With the “Allenarsi per il Futuro“ (Preparing for the Future) program, the professional athlete gives presentations in schools across the country. The project is a joint initiative between Bosch and the Ranstad temp agency. For three years now, the initiative has addressed the issue of high youth unemployment in Italy, which stood at 35.5 percent in July 2017. In contrast, only 6.5 percent of young people in Germany are jobless.

“Allenarsi per il Futuro” aims to help by supporting young people in the transition period between school and working life. To this end, the project offers advice and internships at companies. Last year, 700 young people completed internships, and 350 have already begun this year. Supporters from the world of professional sport help convey the message: “ultimately, anyone who never gives up on their dream is a winner,“ says Roberto Zecchino, the head of HR for Bosch in southern Europe, about the cooperation with personalities like Daniele Massaro. “This is the idea that we want to pass on to young people: having a dream is one thing, but you also have to work hard to make that dream come true.”

“Allenarsi per il Futuro“ is one of many educational projects that are part of the Bosch apprenticeship scheme in southern Europe. The company is committed to fighting youth unemployment in countries such as Italy and Spain, where 38.6 percent of young people are currently unemployed. In light of this, and against the backdrop of positive feedback about the program, “Prepare for the future” has also been running in Spain since 2016. Moreover, over the past three years, Bosch has created 175 apprenticeship spots for young people from Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

More information about the Bosch apprenticeship scheme in Southern Europe, as well as the apprenticeship concept it is based on, can be found here.

News | Kick it like Massaro

Sports stars are supporting a new Bosch educational initiative

At present, about 5.5 million young Europeans are unemployed. Especially in southern Europe, many young people are looking for jobs. In Greece and Spain, about half of 15- to 24-year-olds are affected by unemployment. In Italy, the figure is 40.5 percent. Experts see the theoretical focus of the educational system as one of the reasons behind these alarmingly high rates of joblessness.


Soccer star Daniele Massaro with students and teachers after a training session.


To increase the employment opportunities of young adults, Bosch Italy and the Randstad temp agency have initiated a special new program. With “Allenarsi per il Futuro” (“Training for the future”), the company offers students and graduates the opportunity to gain practical experience. The offer includes orientation events, internships, and job training that systematically prepare young people for the start of their working life.

The company has gotten the support of a number of prominent sports stars, among them the soccer player Daniele Massaro, the tennis star Mara Santangelo, the boxer Patrizio Oliva, and the basketball player Riccardo Pittis. Their message is that training, commitment, and focus are decisive success factors not only in sport, but also in preparing for working life. Over the course of the project, the stars and Bosch associates have visited more than 200 schools and universities to speak with pupils, apprentices, and students. Bosch Italy has set itself the aim of visiting another 300 schools with “Allenarsi per il Futuro” by the end of 2016. The plan is to reach 60,000 young people and offer 400 internship spots.

In addition to this, dual apprenticeship programs have been launched at Bosch locations in Bari and Milan. Apprentices from the Galileo Galilei Institute in Milan and the Cuccovillo Institute in Bari are now receiving practical training at Bosch. The company brings decades of experience in dual education to the table. In 2015, Bosch won the ”Active Education Award” for its “Allenarsi per il Futuro” program. The award is presented by the Italian ministry of education (MIUC) and Confindustria, Italy’s largest employers association.

More information on the training program can be found on Facebook (in Italian).