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News | Setting a good example

Up and coming Bosch executives volunteer with social projects

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” – John le Carré

What are the characteristics of a good executive? In addition to specialist knowledge and sound judgment, many employers place a great deal of importance on their employees’ social skills and commitment to charitable causes. With its “Talent Pool” program, Bosch also encourages up and coming executives to volunteer. In teams comprising associates from different locations and divisions, young executives have the opportunity to volunteer for social projects.


This year’s Talent Pool participants at an event promoting social commitment at Bosch locations


Participants can decide how much time they spend working on the project and coordinate their work independently within the project team. In most cases, the teams also define targets and distribute roles and responsibilities themselves. “We strongly believe that this type of cooperation is very important,” says Mariana Peters, who works in HR development for Bosch corporate departments. “Often, participants are confronted with tasks that are completely new to them. So they need to be flexible and able to adapt to new situations.”

In 2016, 79 members of the Bosch Talent Pool from corporate departments took part in the program. Divided into eight teams, they supported a selection of charitable projects from the region, among them a local initiative that supports the integration of refugees in the workplace, as well as a project that promotes access for people with disabilities. In recent months, the project team comprising 10 up and coming executives helped create a city map for people with disabilities in Gerlingen, a suburb of Stuttgart. To this end, they scoped the town for barriers to accessibility and spoke with restaurant owners and local clubs about improving offers for people with disabilities.

In October, the participants presented their projects at a local event and talked about their experiences, which were positive across the board. The volunteers stated that the teamwork was decisive to the success of their projects. “For us, volunteering for a social project is an important building block for leadership skills,” says Mariana Peters. “We see how important open communication and responsibility are, and their importance keeps growing every day. With this project, we aim to enable up and coming executives to further sharpen these skills in an unknown environment, reflect on them in a timely manner, and make adjustments wherever necessary.” In the spirit of company founder Robert Bosch, participants make an important contribution to social well-being with their involvement in charitable initiatives. At the same time, they sharpen their leadership skills and set a good example for their future employees. 

More information on the Bosch Talent Pool can be found here.

News | Helping hands for the "Hand to Hand" foundation

Bosch Thailand associates are supporting a charitable foundation in Pattaya




In August, more than 20 Bosch Thailand associates volunteered for the “Hand to Hand” foundation in Pattaya. The foundation aims to help orphans and socially disadvantaged children access education and feel safer. In addition to the practical support of volunteers, Bosch has also helped the foundation with funding. Donations have been made to help fund children’s homes and schools, for instance.



The “Hand to Hand” foundation offers people who live on the margins of society access to education and medical care. It also provides practical support by way of clothing and food donations, regardless of the recipient’s religion or ethnic background. To name just a few examples, the foundation has founded a pre-school, a kids’ club, and a daycare center for the children of single mothers. In addition, the foundation’s employees and volunteer helpers visit several prisons each week, where they distribute food and carry out repairs.



Bosch looks back on a long tradition of social responsibility. Company founder Robert Bosch established charitable programs for his associates and their families. Today, the company continues to pursue charitable endeavors and Robert Bosch Stiftung’s non-profit activities reflect its namesake’s final wishes. The Stiftung is one of Germany’s largest corporate foundations. It has operations worldwide, and supports initiatives around the globe. With its programs and projects, the Stiftung aims to promote social well-being and development.

More information on the Hand to Hand foundation can be found here.