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News | An exciting change of perspective and unconscious thought patterns

Bosch celebrates its fourth International Diversity Day 

Eliminating prejudice is beneficial for everyone: this was the focus of the fourth Bosch International Diversity Day, which took place on May 23, 2017. Under the banner of “Discover Diversity: you are a part of it”, Bosch associates at over 200 locations around the world engaged in intensive discussions. With different activities and events that promoted dialogue, participants made a conscious effort to change perspectives, and thus learned about backgrounds, experiences, and competencies that were different from their own. In so doing, Bosch associates reflected on their own unconscious thought patterns and learned how different perspectives could enhance their daily work.

With this global event, Bosch once again emphasized that diversity is an integral part of its corporate culture as well as a condition for the company’s success. After all, the ability to see things from different perspectives gives rise to new ideas and thus enhances innovative strength at Bosch. Our picture gallery shows how the different locations celebrated the day. 


Diversity in a picture: Our Vietnam locations celebrated the fourth annual Bosch International Diversity Day with a photography challenge in traditional Asian outfits. They also held workshops that addressed unconscious thought patterns. 


Diversity Challenge: In Indonesia, Bosch associates took a playful approach to addressing diversity-related topics. Participants from different divisions and functional areas carried out a range of tasks accordingly. 


A tight knit community: In the United States associates created a unity project, a work of art that aimed to show how closely linked people are to one another, and that everyone shares the same foundation.


Workshop in the grass: At Bosch headquarters in Germany, associates took part in the first Diversity Day Picnic, where they discussed the topics of feedback, trust, appreciation, openness, and empathy. 


From B(aby Boomers) to (Generation) Z: In Thailand, Diversity Day activities focused on age. A music challenge and a diversity quiz completed the program.  


In South Africa, associates discussed their personal understanding of diversity at a workshop. They also discussed ways in which they could contribute to promoting diversity themselves.


The modern father: at many locations in Japan, male associates attended a seminar on work/life balance for dads. 

News | Discovering diversity

More than 200 locations around the world took part in the third annual Bosch Diversity Day

Diversity comes in many forms, from gender and age to ethnic and cultural background. Around the world, Bosch is committed to ensuring that associates of all backgrounds and lifestyles cooperate with one another. This is because the company believes that combining different areas of expertise and experiences can bring forth unique ideas and solutions. Against this backdrop, the company celebrated Bosch Diversity Day for the third time on June 7. The slogan of this year’s event was “Discover Diversity – you are a part of it!”. Associates at more than 200 Bosch locations around the world addressed the different aspects of diversity at the company. One thing was clear: Diversity makes Bosch strong and successful all over the world.

Here are a few images of Diversity Day 2016: 

Associates in Vietnam held a photography contest for the most diverse team. Associates either wore traditional clothing, or garments that reflected their hobbies, and talked about it.


In Turkey, associates tested their knowledge with a Diversity Day quiz.


In Malaysia, associates presented traditional Malaysian dances, among other things.


In Abstatt, Germany, associates were invited to have their picture taken as part of the “most diverse team contest”.


At the Budapest location, associates took on challenging tasks as part of an Escape Games event. Under time pressure, teams had to play for the parts of a vehicle that they then had to make fit to drive.

More information on the third annual Bosch Diversity Day can be found here (only in German available).

News | This is what diversity looks like at Bosch

Impressions from the 2nd Bosch Diversity Day
The 2nd Bosch Diversity Day took place on May 21, 2015. At more than 200 locations around the world, associates took part in a broad range of events that addressed the various aspects of diversity at Bosch: gender, generations, internationality, and culture are the main pillars of Bosch’s diversity vision. The company’s aim is to promote a corporate culture that values all associates and encourages them to reach their full potential. 
The activities held around the world were as diverse as the Bosch workforce.
Vietnam: A dialog with senior executives 
In order to raise awareness of diversity-related topics, senior executives at the Don Nai location answered a number of questions from the audience.
Russia: Experiencing diversity outside the office
At the Engels location in Russia, around 150 associates took part in the diversity flash mob.
Practice makes perfect: With children from neighborhoods close to the Bosch location, associates showed what diversity means to them with drawings on the pavement.
India: The colorful pictures of a diverse workforce
To commemorate major celebrations and events, people in India make Rangolis. This traditional craft involves making intricate images with a variety of materials, including colored sand, rice, or flowers. At Bosch Diversity Day, the Ahmedabad and Chennai locations organized a Rangoli contest that called on associates to illustrate cultural diversity at Bosch. To mark the occasion, many associates wore traditional clothing from their home regions.
60 associates created imaginative images – while they were as different as the artists who made them, they were an expression of community nonetheless. 
Germany: Promoting diversity with associate networks
From 50plus@Bosch and women@bosch to the cam@bosch network in Cameroon: Bosch associates are active in a number of networks that promote knowledge sharing and communication across the company. On Diversity Day, the networks active at the Reutlingen location introduced themselves at an information market. Associates then had the opportunity to socialize with each other at a summer party that the associate networks held after the event. 
Representatives of associates with severe disabilities took part in the Reutlingen information market for the first time.
Bosch associates doing Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, at the summer party in Reutlingen.
Associate networks were also active at the Karlsruhe location.
Among other things, associates in Karlsruhe were invited to learn about Indian culture and enjoy Indian foods.
Are career opportunities limited and tasks less challenging for people working part time? Not at Bosch! The company offers part-time work models for specialists and executives. The family@bosch and women@bosch associate networks addressed this topic in a dialog with managers, experts, and associates.
A conversation on the topics of diversity, part-time work, and careers at Bosch.
For more information on the second annual global Bosch Diversity Day, please consult our blog post from May 21. More information on the topic of diversity can be found on the Bosch Diversity website.

News | Bosch: a colorful company

More than 200 locations around the world are celebrating the 2nd Bosch Diversity Day



The date is no coincidence: UNESCO has declared May 21 the “World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialog, and Development”. This day represents the values of acceptance and tolerance, and the peaceful coexistence of multiple languages and cultures. Its aim is to promote the various aspects of diversity: from cultural heritage to an economic diversity that gives rise to innovation and enables sustainable progress.


Bosch also sees the diversity of its workforce as an asset. This is why the company actively promotes diversity with a global day of its own. Numerous studies have shown that mixed teams frequently come up with innovative solutions. Moreover, the global company strongly believes that it needs the broad range of experiences, perspectives, and approaches that its associates bring up. Ultimately, diversity makes it possible to better serve local customers’ needs and seize market opportunities around the globe.


Against this backdrop, Bosch has invited its associates to take part in the company’s second global Diversity Day, which will include a variety of events that address all aspects of diversity. Special activities, presentations, and workshops are being held at more than 200 locations around the world. Each participating location has put together its own program for the day. Details and pictures will be published in the Bosch Sustainability Blog shortly.



More information on diversity at Bosch can be found here.

Special | Living a better life in the long term

Bosch publishes its Sustainability Report 2014
Clean air, safe vehicles, health, and social cohesion are just four of many factors that contribute to our quality  of life. Our current Sustainability Report describes how Bosch contributes to increasing prosperity and ensuring lasting well being. This year’s report focuses on environmental awareness, sensors for greater safety, diversity, and local commitment to social responsibility. 
With targeted training programs and associate contests, environmental awareness teams at Bosch locations around the world have contributed to reducing the company’s global CO2 emissions. For example, with its newly launched Go Green campaign, the Bosch Site in Changsha, China, replaced energy-intensive halogen metal halide lights with energy-efficient LED lamps. As a result, the site’s annual CO2 emissions have been reduced by 492 tons (see “Natural Capital” section, page 7).
They save lives, help save energy, and make everyday life easier: Bosch currently has more than 1,000 patents in the area of MEMS sensors. Thanks to our continuous development efforts, we have contributed to bringing this smart technology to the masses, and this has helped improve quality of life (see “Economic Capital” section, p. 10). 
Held in June 2014,the first global Bosch Diversity Day showed that diversity is contributing to finding solutions to the challenges of our times. Associates at some 200 locations around the world took part in a broad range of events that highlighted the importance of diversity (see “Human Capital” section, p. 13).
Last year, several thousand Bosch associates volunteered their time in local aid projects. By contributing their skills to promote social well being, they helped communities help themselves, and this reflected the spirit of company founder Robert Bosch (see “Social Capital” section, p. 16).
In our online special on the Sustainability Report, you will find additional examples of how Bosch and its associates are committed to securing a promising future around the world.
The Sustainability Report can be found here