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News | Customer service with an e-bike

Bosch has launched a customer service pilot project in Vienna

For drivers, inner city mobility poses challenges every day because of high traffic density, long traffic jams, and a limited number of parking spots. To reach customers flexibly, without stress, and with low emissions, Bosch Thermotechnology technicians now use e-cargo bikes. “Traffic in city centers continues to increase, and this puts our service technicians under time pressure,“ says Uwe Rohr, a customer service representative at Bosch Thermotechnology Austria. “This is why we sought a sustainable solution that would allow our technicians to move through dense city traffic easily, all the while taking the tools and materials they need with them. An e-cargo bike makes all of this possible.”


Manuel Tichy, customer service technician and one of four e-cargo bike riders


Specially produced e-bikes

Bosch had already initiated a successful pilot project with e-cargo bikes in Brussels in 2016. Customer service technicians in the Belgian capital can use bikes produced by the manufacturer Butchers & Bicycles. The electric bicycles feature a drive designed by Bosch and the Nyon navigation system, which Bosch developed especially for e-bikes. This enables technicians to get to their customer appointments quickly and safely. At the end of the test phase, Bosch is currently considering to expand the project to more Belgian cities.

With regard to the positive response in Brussels, Bosch also started a pilot project with e-cargo bikes in Austria’s capital Vienna in June 2018. Customer service technicians can use the bikes, which are made by the Dutch bicycle manufacturer Urban Arrow, voluntarily. The bike is equipped with a high-performance Bosch electric motor and two 500 Wh Bosch batteries. The transport box was specially made by Heavy Padels, a Vienna-based company. The cover’s sliding mechanism offers an extra storage space for tools, measuring devices, and replacement parts.



The e-bike fleet is being expanded in Austria

In the first few weeks since the project was launched, feedback has been very positive. “Everyone benefits from this model,“ says Uwe Rohr. “Customers are satisfied because they can get quick support. Associates are physically active, experience less time pressure, and are more motivated.” At the end of the test phase in Vienna, Bosch is planning to roll out the project in other cities in 2019.

More information on Bosch e-bikes can be found here.

Impressions of the pilot project in Brussels are given in this following video