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News | Artificial intelligence for more sustainability
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News: More powerful batteries for the cars of tomorrow
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News: More powerful batteries for the cars of tomorrow

News | On your marks, get set... cycle!

Bosch is launching a bicycle leasing initiative for associates

Among other things, cycling is fast, eco-friendly, and healthy. These are some of the reasons why Bosch has decided to launch an e-bike leasing initiative that will allow associates to get bicycles and e-bikes directly through the company starting in February 2018. The new initiative is part of the works agreement that Bosch concluded with associate representatives. The mobility and well-being offer applies to more than 100,000 associates in Germany, who can now choose their bicycles or e-bikes from one of 4,000 specialist dealers. Bosch then handles the leasing contract details, and the bicycles can be used for personal or work-related purposes. “With this mobility offer, we want to contribute to improving urban air quality and promote the health of our associates,” says Christoph Kübel, member of the board of management and director of industrial relations at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Low-emission transportation

More than ten million of Germany’s commuters travel less than ten kilometers to get to work. In such instances, the bicycle is the fastest – and cleanest – mode of transportation. Ten times more CO2 is produced with a ride on public transit that on a bicycle. Bicycle leasing thus contributes to improving air quality in cities. More than half of Germany’s population already considers the e-bike a good alternative to the car, and the German Federal government aims to increase the share of bicycles in road traffic to 15 percent by 2020, up from 12 percent today.

Cycling is healthy

People who ride their bicycles to work also keep fit.  According to a British study, commuters who cycle to work reduce the risk of heart attack by 46 percent compared with people who drive their cars or take the train. The combination of physical activity and fresh air strengthens the immune system, improves concentration and responsiveness, and generally has a positive effect on brain activity. Moreover, endurance sports also stimulate the production of serotonin and endorphins, which are known to stimulate happiness, and this helps prevent mental illness.

More information on the topic of bicycle leasing at Bosch can be found here

News | Commuting with a pedelec

How e-bikes can improve urban traffic

Each day, we spend an average of about 11.5 hours sitting at our desks, in meetings, on the couch, or at restaurants. As a result, our physical activity is limited and we do not get enough fresh air. Getting to work is also part of the problem. In Germany, some 30 million commuters travel a total of 835 million kilometers each day.

Most of these commuters (82 percent) travel less than 25 kilometers, and could thus leave their cars at home and use e-bikes instead. Pedal electric cycles – pedelecs for short – are equipped with an electric drive that supports cyclists when they need it, thus enabling them to travel distances of up to 25 kilometers without breaking a sweat. Thanks to different levels of support, cyclists can decide themselves how much effort they want to put into pedaling.





Commuters who use pedelecs enjoy a largely stress-free commuting experience: particularly on short routes, e-bikes are often the fastest mode of transportation. Thanks to intelligent route planning, commuters can select routes with few intersections or without stop-and-go traffic. The Nylon onboard computer, which Bosch developed specifically for e-bikes, helps commuters navigate their way to work. The computer can be used to plan routes in advance, often making it possible to avoid long traffic jams. Moreover, pedelecs are eco-friendly: they emit only 1.25 percent the pollutants that cars do. As a result, pedelec users not only do something that is good for their health, they also contribute to protecting the environment.

Bosch spends about 400 million euros each year on e-mobility. The company also offers a broad range of components for e-bikes, among them the drive unit, which includes the motor and transmission, the power pack, and the onboard computer. According to ZIV’s most recent estimates, some 560,000 pedelecs were sold in 2016, up five percent over the previous year. This means that there are currently more than three million pedelecs on German streets.

eBikes can also be used as cargo bikes: in Brussels, Bosch technicians have been using e-cargo bikes since 2016.

More information on the ways in which e-bikes make urban life easier can be found here.