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News | Artificial intelligence for more sustainability
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News | Bosch at Christopher Street Day

News | Two clever solutions that counter water scarcity

Bosch India is raising awareness and actively addressing the issue

India’s population of 1.3 billion continues to grow. According to UN forecasts, the emerging country will be home to more than 1.7 billion people by 2060. Sustained population growth means that India will be facing several infrastructural challenges, for instance in the realm of water supply. Most of India’s groundwater is used for agriculture, according to United Nations estimates. As a result, many wells and reservoirs run dry during the dry season.

The dam "Lakshmanpada"

To provide more people with clean drinking water and strengthen agricultural activity, the Bosch Nashik location has built a dam for land cultivation in the plant’s surrounding region. Despite difficult weather conditions and the absence of an access road, the team successfully completed the “Lakshmanpada” project within twelve weeks. The dam can store some 400 million liters of water and thus provide 198 households from five villages with access to clean drinking water. It also enables about 60 percent of farmers to cultivate a second crop, such as wheat. Moreover, the rise in groundwater levels could be of benefit for eight natural springs and four hand pumps.

Raising public awareness

The village of Ramanagara in the southern Indian state of Karnataka has been facing severe water scarcity for many years. For this reason, in 2017 the district authorities and the Bosch India Foundation initiated several measures to improve access to clean drinking water. So far, the team has managed to de-silt three lakes, install eight water purification plants, and plant 20,000 seedlings to limit further erosion and conserve water more efficiently. Not only did local farmers and citizens take part in the initiative, they also learned about water resource management thanks to the supporting awareness-raising campaign. The foundation also taught the community how to monitor the measures themselves to maintain the water supply in the future.

The successful water resource management of Ramanagara

More information on the activities of regional Bosch foundations can be found here.

News | Making safety a top priority

Bosch Jaipur wins two National Safety Awards

The National Safety Award is biggest award of its kind in India. It honors a company’s commitment for achieving two things: an accident-free year and the lowest accident rate. On September 17, the Ministry of Labour and Employment honored this year’s winners in New Delhi. Pravin Saraf, Vice President Technical Head at the Bosch Jaipur location, accepted the prizes in both categories on behalf of the company.  

Shri Santosh Gangwar, India’s Minister of Labour and Employment, honoured achievements that companies realized in 2015. The National Safety Award thus indirectly acknowledges efforts that Bosch has been making in Jaipur since 2011. It was at this point that the location developed its vision in terms of safety: the aim was nothing less than to achieve an accident-free workplace.

Accident free for five years already

The Bosch “Zero accident Approach” in Jaipur began at the highest hierarchical level, and has been very effective from the start. Lessons learnt from 2 accidents in 2011/2012, JaP foremost focus was on Engineering control and behavioural aspect of employees. JaP middle management, associates and contract workmen were involved extensively in this approach. Just two years after the project was launched, the Bosch Jaipur location was accident free, and has been ever since. To firmly establish this high level of occupational safety in the long term, in 2016 those in charge of the initiative also began addressing the families of associates with the “Safety 360° drive” project.

With these activities, the Jaipur location made a major contribution for further reducing the “number of accidents per million hours worked” at Bosch in 2016. Today, the figure is 2.7 compared with 6.8 in 2007.

More information about the company’s progress in terms of occupational safety can be found here.

News: Joachim Gauck: “Bosch demonstrates responsibility and acts as role model”

German Federal President Joachim Gauck visited the Bosch Vocational Center in Bangalore. On his tour of the center, the president was given insights into the Bosch Group’s activities in vocational training, and in particular how it trains young people in India for technical trades.



“Bosch as a company has always been acknowledged for its commitment to building talent and contributing back to the industry, thus looking beyond immediate financial gains”, said Germany’s Federal President. “The number of people being trained at the Bosch Vocational Center exceeds the company’s own personnel needs; this demonstrates its responsibility to Indian society and makes it a true role model.”


Each year, 60 young people start a three- or four-year apprenticeship at Bosch in India. Since it was founded in 1961, the Bosch Vocational Center (BVC) has trained some 2,400 apprentices in seven trades.



Read the press release (available in EN and DE).

News: Running for a good cause

"Running for a good cause" was this Sunday's motto of Nashik, a city in western India. 


Runners from all walks of life and from all over the country took part in the “Nashik Run” to do some good through their athletic commitment. Together with other local companies Bosch founded the Nashik Run Charitable Trust and supports the event as a platinum sponsor.



More than 18.000 runners participated in the five-kilometer charity run. The donations have not been counted yet, but in 2013 they reached 9.000.000 Rupees, approximately 146.300 Dollars. All proceeds from the event will benefit the socially disadvantaged people from Nashik and will be distributed among different local charity projects. Until now, 235 projects have been supported through the Nashik Run.


The event takes place annually every second Sunday of the year since 2003 and has won many fans over time. Today it is one of the most important sports events in the city of Nashik.


For more information please visit:


Special: Responsibility in India

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