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News | Small donations with a large impact

Bosch associates  support “Cents for help”

With the “Cents for help” project, Bosch associates donate the cents of their net pay: the amount behind the decimal point goes to a charitable cause, and the company then doubles every donated cent. Last year, this added up to 720,000 euros that benefited 152 charities, both in Germany and around the world. Some projects received up to 50,000 euros. Associates can offer suggestions as to which charities they want to support. In some cases, the money goes to initiatives that the associates themselves also volunteer for. As three examples show, small donations have a large impact.

Associates help local projects

Donations from “Cents for help” cover material costs at the Harl.e.kin aftercare center, which is run by Lebenshilfe Bamberg e.V. Harl.e.kin provides support for families with premature infants or other cases of high-risk births. It also offers counselling, helping parents with the transition from the hospital to their home. In Homburg, donations went to a Ronald McDonald house, where families with critically ill children have a place to stay temporarily. By donating, the Bosch associates make it easier for parents to visit their sick children when they are receiving treatment at the nearby university hospital. The Bosch initiative also supports the “Go away!” theater project, “an initiative run by the regional youth organization in Kitzingen, Bavaria. The project aims to prevent sexual abuse against children. The play tries to teach elementary school children how to react in dangerous situations.

Learning from theater: what can I do in a threatening situation?

Seventy percent of Bosch associates already support “Cents for help”. As the examples show, their donations are worthwhile. The small individual sums that each associate contributes add up to large donations that help local projects.

More information on how Bosch associates contribute to social well-being can be found here

News | Fit for leadership

Up and coming Bosch executives support social projects

The measure of good leaders is not only whether they manage their teams efficiently. Ideally, they also embody values and serve as role models for their employees. In the Bosch management circle, up and coming executives are thoroughly prepared for their future roles as leaders. Members of the circle attend training sessions and seminars, and are required to volunteer for a charitable project.


The members of the management circle at the closing event on October 27.


One of them is Simon Vogelmann: the 32-year-old is in charge of strategic software purchasing at Bosch. In his free time, he cooperated with seven other members of the management circle to organize an anniversary celebration for Primavera e.V. Attended by around 1,100 guests, the event was held at Stuttgart’s Theaterhaus on October 9. The initiative, which was founded by Bosch associates 25 years ago, has since supported disadvantaged children in 15 different countries. Primavera e.V. currently counts 950 members.












Members of the management circle at the closing presentation of social projects 


From the outset, Simon Vogelmann knew that he wanted to support this project. “I was already a member of Primavera,” he says. His active participation made him want to support the initiative even more in the future. “We are extremely fortunate, but reality is different in many parts of the world. Helping an organization that does such valuable work feels good.” In addition to sending out invitations for around 300 VIP guests, the team was also in charge of finding sponsors for food and drink, as well as for putting together comprehensive information packages.

Seven other teams also participated in non-profit initiatives across the region, for instance with the town of Gerlingen and Atrio Leonberg, an inclusion project that supports people with special needs. Another group helped a nursing home establish processes that would make laundry management more efficient and cost-effective in the future.













A Swedish chess set, produced by the Atrio inclusion project in Leonberg. 


“With this project work, up and coming specialists and executives are making an important contribution to society,” says Mariana Peters of the Human Resource Development for Corporate Sectors and Headquarters team. “At the same time, they show personal initiative and responsibility, which reflects the spirit of our company founder.” What is more, the up and coming executives get to know colleagues from other parts of the company and can build new networks. This was very important for Simon Vogelmann, too. “Working as a team was an excellent learning experience for us. It brought many different personalities together, and each of them was able to contribute their strengths. We will certainly benefit from this experience in the future.”

More information about Primavera e.V. can be found here.

More information about the Bosch management circle can be found here.