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News | A successful education project

Bosch is committed to an unique initiative to fight youth unemployment in Italy

Daniele Massuro won a soccer world cup with the Italian national team in 1982, was a four-time champion in the Italian soccer league, and has played for a two-time Champions League-winning team. He is thus a role model for Italian youth and is now using his fame for a good cause: to talk about work with young people. With the “Allenarsi per il Futuro“ (Preparing for the Future) program, the professional athlete gives presentations in schools across the country. The project is a joint initiative between Bosch and the Ranstad temp agency. For three years now, the initiative has addressed the issue of high youth unemployment in Italy, which stood at 35.5 percent in July 2017. In contrast, only 6.5 percent of young people in Germany are jobless.

“Allenarsi per il Futuro” aims to help by supporting young people in the transition period between school and working life. To this end, the project offers advice and internships at companies. Last year, 700 young people completed internships, and 350 have already begun this year. Supporters from the world of professional sport help convey the message: “ultimately, anyone who never gives up on their dream is a winner,“ says Roberto Zecchino, the head of HR for Bosch in southern Europe, about the cooperation with personalities like Daniele Massaro. “This is the idea that we want to pass on to young people: having a dream is one thing, but you also have to work hard to make that dream come true.”

“Allenarsi per il Futuro“ is one of many educational projects that are part of the Bosch apprenticeship scheme in southern Europe. The company is committed to fighting youth unemployment in countries such as Italy and Spain, where 38.6 percent of young people are currently unemployed. In light of this, and against the backdrop of positive feedback about the program, “Prepare for the future” has also been running in Spain since 2016. Moreover, over the past three years, Bosch has created 175 apprenticeship spots for young people from Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

More information about the Bosch apprenticeship scheme in Southern Europe, as well as the apprenticeship concept it is based on, can be found here.

News | Learning across borders

Bosch continues its training initiative for southern Europe

Some 5.5 million young Europeans are currently looking for work. In Southern Europe, as many as 50 percent of young people are unemployed. In a bid to help reduce youth unemployment, Bosch’s training initiative for southern Europe is once again offering additional apprenticeship spots for young people from the affected countries. In 2016, 75 young people from Italy and Spain are set to begin an apprenticeship at the global supplier of technology and services. While 25 spots are being created in the home countries, Bosch is making 50 spots available in Germany.


 Christoph Kübel with the Spanish apprentices Ana Maria San Andres Gonzalez and Juan Manuel Cañadas Torres. 


In 2014, Bosch had already created 100 apprenticeship spots for young men and women from Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Those that are completing the program in Germany recently completed a portion of their examinations at the 20-month mark. “Doing an apprenticeship in a foreign country in another language and culture is a big step,” says Ana Maria San Andres Gonzalez, who is from a community close to Madrid. For this reason, Bosch assists the apprentices with language lessons, mentors, and social support.  “With a strong intercultural support component, our apprenticeship concept has proven successful. We have kept up our commitment because youth unemployment is still high, especially in Italy and Spain,” says Christoph Kübel, member of the board of management and director of industrial relations at Robert Bosch GmbH. A qualified apprenticeship significantly improves young people’s employment opportunities.

In addition to its training initiative for southern Europe, Bosch also contributes to the fight against youth unemployment by supporting a number of different projects. In Italy, the company has cooperated with prominent athletes and the Ranstad temp agency to offer workshops and training sessions that aim to prepare young people for working life. In 2016, the “Prepare for the future” project will also be launched in Spain.

More information on Bosch’s training initiatives for southern Europe can be found in our current Sustainability Report.