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News | Sparking enthusiasm for learning: 80 years of Bosch Jugendhilfe

Bosch Jugendhilfe is celebrating its 80th birthday

Since 1938, Bosch Jugendhilfe has been helping associates of limited financial means and their children. Until now, it has supported 3,465 young people. The initiative aims to help youth complete higher education. “It is well known that the level of education a person achieves in Germany is highly dependent on their family background,” says Marion-Oertel Nau, head of the program. “Now, more than ever, a successful career requires a formal qualification and lifelong learning.”

Marion Oertel-Nau, Head of the Bosch Jugendhilfe

Scholarship opens up new perspectives

Bosch Jugendhilfe supports talented employees or their children with scholarships. Depending on the individual needs, the initiative offers young people a variety of different programs for personal and professional development. For instance, students can apply for financial support for tutoring, take part in a mentoring program and participate in workshops. Scholars receive a monthly payment to provide for books and other university supplies, as well as a subsidy for a semester abroad and the chance to attend classes hosted by Bosch Jugendhilfe.

The story of an employee’s daughter from Remseck, Germany, is a perfect example for the impact this scholarship can have on a student’s career. The 23-year-old Gizem Dülger has been supported by Bosch Jugendhilfe since she was in school. A time, as she now remembers, when she was looking for a purpose: “I didn’t believe in myself at the time. I wasn’t motivated, had no perspective.” Bosch Jugendhilfe provided said perspective and gave Gizem a goal worth working towards. Lately, she graduated from college and is looking for a job in Human Ressources. When asked what she benefited from the most, she says that the annual workshops for scholars helped her develop her talents. At these seminars, scholars extend their network and get in touch with other scholars and professionals. Moreover, they strengthen soft and hard skills which are important for their future careers. For Gizem these courses were a highlight of her scholarship: “At the workshops, I learned how to give a presentation – and so much more.”  

Gizem Dülger, scholar of the Bosch Jugendhilfe

Employees support employees

One thing that stands out with regard to the different programs of Bosch Jugendhilfe is the employees’ commitment. Bosch associates work as honorary mentors who spend two hours a week with their mentee. In this role, they act as tutors who guide and motivate their students. They offer support in all life situations and give advice on any problems and concerns.

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