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Special: Improve preventive measures - Can HIV workplace programs reduce th
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News | More Jobs in Nigeria

At the CEO Forum in Lagos, businesspeople discussed access to education for Nigerian youth

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all" is one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which some 200 heads of state agreed upon at the end of September. In Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, the current social reality makes achieving this goal challenging: at present, more than 80 percent of the working age population does not have any specific qualifications, and around 60 percent of the unemployed have no occupational training  (Source: Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, P.9 - only available in German).

Against this backdrop, the Nigerian non-profit organization CSR Children has set itself the aim of fighting high levels of youth unemployment in cooperation with businesses. To this end, the foundation organized the CEO Forum in October. Representatives from the public and private sectors including non-profit organization took part in the one day conference.



Bosch was also among the event's sponsors and participants. The company officially opened an office in Lagos, the Nigerian commercial capital, in June 2015. One of the most important orders of business for the company is offering young Nigerians high quality occupational training to secure its own supply of specialists. At the CEO Forum, Ghislain Noumbessy, General Manager of Robert Bosch Ltd Nigeria, introduced the company’s “Afrika kommt”-initiative: “Young people from Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya are undergoing a one year training programme at Bosch locations in Germany and will be offered a position in their respective country once the programme is completed”, Noumbessy said. Additionally, representatives of other companies such as Nestlé, Siemens and organizations such as the AHK Nigeria discussed the extent to which Europe's cooperative education model can be established in Nigeria. 

Bosch has been working with Nigeria's National Automotive Council (NAC) since October 2014. The company and the public body share the aim of preparing Nigerian workshops for an increasingly motorized population. In addition to repair work, the partners also intend to offer training programs for mechanics and make modern equipment available to workshop operators.  

With Nigeria, Bosch is now present in 9 African countries, and employs more than 760 associates in Africa. 

More information on the CEO Forum can be found here.

More information on the non-profit organization CSR can be found here.

News | Girls do science

Female school students explore STEM careers at Bosch
Controlling a robot or flying a drone – why not? At the end of July, some 70 female school students were invited behind the scenes at the Bosch plant in Charleston, South Carolina. As part of the “Girls’ Day out Education and Business Expo”, the students had the chance to visit various companies and explore careers that have traditionally been dominated by men. The event was designed to get girls interested in the four “STEM” subjects – science, technology, engineering, and math. 
The Bosch “Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic” in Charleston was one of the many companies that opened its doors to the students for the day. The associates had prepared an exciting range of activities for the girls, including computer programming and using a skateboard model to explore how an anti-lock braking system (ABS) works. A “dress-for-success” fashion show was also staged to demonstrate the kinds of clothing most suitable for work.
Diversity is key to the success enjoyed by Bosch – for instance, there is clear evidence that mixed-sex teams work more efficiently and develop better products. It is therefore crucial for the company to attract and support female staff. The aim is for 20 percent of all executive positions worldwide to be filled by women by 2020.
You can find out more about diversity at Bosch here.
More information on equal opportunities at Bosch can be found here.

News | Supporting the specialists of tomorrow

Wissensfabrik celebrates its tenth anniversary
Ten years ago, the Wissensfabrik (knowledge factory) initiative was launched with the aim of sparking talented young people’s interest in technology, business, and the natural sciences. At the time, nine companies, including Bosch, entered into a partnership to promote early childhood education. Today, the network comprises 127 companies and corporate foundations. With partners from academia, they provide the tools and funding necessary to initiate educational projects for children, young adults, and young entrepreneurs.
The Wissensfabrik aims to provide long-term support. “Education is not the filling of barrels, but the spark of flames”, said Dr. Heiner Boeker of Bosch, quoting the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. From July 1, 2015, Boeker will succeed Johanna Coleman as chairperson of the organization when Coleman returns to BASF. Until now, 180 start-ups and 700,000 school students have benefited from the Wissenfabrik’s support.
The organization recently began cooperating with the “Jugend Forscht” foundation, and awards a special prize each year that aims to support young researchers start their own companies. In 2015, the prize went to Rieke-Marie Hackbarth, a 14-year-old high school student who invented a self-disinfecting stethoscope.
The awards ceremony took place at the anniversary celebration on June 8 at the BASF conference center in Ludwigshafen. Johanna Colemen and Dr. Boeker sealed a time capsule at the event that contained the network’s plans and wishes for the next ten years. Around 200 invited guests were asked to formulate a vision for the future at a “World Café”. Franz Fehrenbach, the chairman of Bosch’s supervisory board and member of the steering committee, was among them. The time capsule will be opened at the Wissensfabrik’s 20th anniversary.
The video on the anniversary celebration can be found here (German)
More information on the Wissensfabrik can be found here (German)

News: UWC Robert Bosch College opens in Freiburg

Environmental topics are the focus of Germany's first United World College

New developments at Robert Bosch Stiftung


UWC Robert Bosch College opened on September 23 in Freiburg. Starting immediately, 200 talented upper-secondary level students from all over the world are completing their International Baccalaureate, a diploma that is recognized around the globe. In its inaugural year, 100 students from more than 70 countries will be graduating from the college.


The United World College (UWC) concept is unique in that students are selected by independent national committees purely on the basis of their suitability, personality, and talent. Moreover, full scholarships ensure that their parents’ income level is irrelevant. The opening of the 13th UWC was made possible by Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch Stiftung,  which provided funding for the college and is covering the lion’s share of operating costs.


Promoting education in the spirit of company founder Robert Bosch


“This concept makes United World Colleges unique around the world,” said Ingrid Hamm, the managing director of Robert Bosch Stiftung. “It perfectly reflects the wishes of Robert Bosch, who was committed to promoting education within his company and beyond.”


Environmental topics will be an integral part of the curriculum at UWC Robert Bosch College. In particular, teachers will be focusing on the ways in which technology can contribute to sustainable development and peace. “Until now, the technical progress of our civilization has had a negative impact on our surroundings,” said Christoph Bosch, the grandson of Robert Bosch and a doctor of forestry. “However, we need technology that is not only beneficial for humankind, but also for our environment. Otherwise, we will destroy our natural habitats.”


More information on UWC can be found here

News: An adventure for little researchers

At Bosch Rexroth in Lohr, children are discovering the fascinating world of technology.



Hurrah, the light is lit! With lots of support from Bosch apprentices, little five- and six-year-old visitors from Kita Rodenbach day nursery managed to create a closed power circuit. To do that, they first had to learn where electricity actually comes from and how to handle the tools properly. Later on, the diminutive scientists returned to their kindergarten, complete with research “driver licenses” and brand new experiment kits.


Since 2009, Bosch Rexroth has been inviting children from nearby kindergartens to take part in research adventures specifically tailored to this age group. As a founding member of the German association “Wissensfabrik” (Knowledge Factory), the company also maintains education partnerships with high schools, secondary-technical schools, and junior high schools. The aim is to give children and young people the chance to gain insights into the world of technology at a level appropriate to their age. “Education is a core building block in Germany’s competitiveness on the international stage. That’s why it is important to get girls and boys interested in technology and business early on,” says Franz Fehrenbach. The chairman of the Bosch supervisory council has been head of the Wissensfabrik since June 2013.



The charitable association was founded in 2005 by the companies BASF, Bosch, Fischer, Follmann, KSB, Thyssen Krupp, Trumpf, Voith, and Wall. It seeks to optimize the way young people are prepared for the challenges of the knowledge society and thus make a lasting contribution to Germany’s status as a location for education and training. Around 100 member companies are currently committed to 2,400 education partnerships with kindergartens and schools in their region.

Find out more about the Wissensfabrik in German language here.