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Special: Improve preventive measures - Can HIV workplace programs reduce th
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News | An alliance in the fight against cancer

Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus, Robert Bosch Stiftung, and the Bosch Group join forces

In order to push cancer research in Germany forward, Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus (Robert Bosch Hospital), Robert Bosch Stiftung, and the Bosch Group have joined forces and launched a number of initiatives. “When it comes to assuming social responsibility, Robert Bosch was a role model. He founded Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus in 1940. With this alliance in the fight against cancer, we are maintaining this commitment in the area of healthcare,” said Professor Joachim Rogall, CEO of Robert Bosch Stiftung. 



The partners are cooperating to build the new Robert Bosch Center for Tumor Diseases in Stuttgart. The center will be part of Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus, and will be built in cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center. The partners signed a declaration of intent to this end on July 18, 2016.

In addition to the initial funding provided by Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus, Robert Bosch Stiftung is supporting the future research center with an additional 24 million euros. The aim of the center will be to develop individual cancer treatments by drawing on new findings. To achieve this, additional experts will support the medical management team, and two endowed professorships have been planned for further research activities.



The initiative is also committed to helping Bosch associates who have tumors. Over the course of the “OncoCure” initiative, they receive access to state-of-the-art cancer diagnostics at Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus. The Bosch Group makes one million euros available for the project each year. At present, the offer is available only to associates in Germany, but there are plans to give associates around the world access to it in the future. “Our aim is clear: with the help of precision diagnostics, we want to improve the odds of treating cancer successfully. This not only helps the affected associates as well as their families and friends, but also their colleagues at work,” says Dr. Volkmar Denner, the CEO of Bosch.

After cardiovascular disease, cancer is the second leading cause of death. In Germany alone, some 224,000 people die of cancer each year. According to the World Health Organization, 20 million people will be diagnosed with cancer each year by 2025, up from 14 million in 2012.

More information on the alliance in the fight against cancer can be found here.

News | “This Works!”: Ideas to fight unemployment

Social entrepreneurs are developing employment concepts for southern Europe

New developments at Robert Bosch Stiftung

Sandra Schürmann, the founder of JobAct, hopes to promote the strengths of unemployed youth while at the same time help them find a job. Her company offers a special drama program for job seekers that enables participants to develop their own plays. At the same time, those taking part in the program receive intensive job application training that is closely related to their theater work. Schürmann is one of twenty social entrepreneurs that receive funding from the “This Works!” initiative. On June 29, Schürmann and her counterparts presented their ideas to the public in Brussels.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung launched the initiative in 2014 in cooperation with Ashoka, a non-profit organization. The aim is to apply successful employment concepts in southern European countries, where youth unemployment is high, and to provide young job seekers in Spain, Italy, and Greece with new prospects for the future. The initiative is based on the idea that Ashoka Europe and Ashoka national offices help social entrepreneurs find local partners who can then implement the concepts in their communities. The Robert Bosch Stiftung has spent almost one million euros on the “This Works!” initiative.

At the event in Brussels, which was attended by politicians and members of civil society, social entrepreneurs showed how many young people they have been able to help find work. Until now, more than 3,000 people have taken part in “This Works!” training seminars, and about 1,500 have found jobs. To conclude the event, participants discussed what is needed to successfully transfer ideas that promote social entrepreneurship to other countries. Factors include selecting the right partners abroad, taking local needs into account, and promoting knowledge sharing between companies and partners.

In the future, additional countries will also benefit from “This Works!”. Market studies are currently underway to assess whether the project could be rolled out in Portugal and Croatia to help fight youth unemployment in these two countries.

More information on the “This Works!” project can be found here.

More information on the Bosch apprenticeship program in southern Europe can be found here.

News | Using energy sustainably

Robert Bosch Stiftung awards the 2016 junior professorship to Dr. Oliver Schenker

New developments at Robert Bosch Stiftung

Finite resources are the engine of global economic growth, and demand for raw materials continues to grow. Today, more than a billion people around the world still have no access to electricity. Against this backdrop, the international community recently acknowledged the need for a sustainable, low-carbon energy policy at the world climate conference in Paris. However, this acknowledgement is not enough: the right legal and economic framework conditions are also urgently necessary. As current developments show, both are insufficient: for instance, more than 2,000 coal-fired power plants are presently being planned around the world.



Which factors are working against sustainable energy policy, especially in emerging and developing countries? And how can these obstacles be overcome? These are topics that Dr. Oliver Schenker will focus on over the course of his tenure as the 2016 Robert Bosch Junior Professor. Starting in June, the environmental and resource economist will be heading a research project at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Schenker and his team will develop economic balance models that will analyze a number of different effect factors. “The effects of and interaction between political tools in the policy mix will be a central part of my analysis,” Shenker says. Among other things, the economist will analyze the energy transition in Germany – a development that has brought forth unpredictable changes for the major energy providers. The results will include a framework that will help provide orientation for fast-changing emerging and developing countries, all the while offering the flexibility and adaptability required to effectively respond to future changes.

Since 2008, Robert Bosch Stiftung has awarded the “Sustainable of natural resources” junior professorship. The aim is to contribute to solving urgent environmental problems. The professorship is funded over a period of five years with a budget of one million euros. Scientists from all disciplines and countries are invited to apply for the 2017 junior professorship.

More information on the 2016 junior professorship can be found here.

News: The Era of Citizens

Experts discuss the future of civil society

New developments at Robert Bosch Stiftung


Where and in what form can the citizens of a globalized society make an active contribution? This was one of the topics of “The Era of Citizens – How Civil Society and Foundations are Shaping the Future”, an international conference that was held on October 16 and 17 in Berlin. The event was hosted by Robert Bosch Stiftung and was attended by prominent personalities from the worlds of politics and media, as well as by representatives of foundations and committed citizens. Discussions focused on the role that foundations play as partners of the state and businesses. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the corporate foundation presented its study “The Future of Foundations”.


 Federal President Joachim Gauck opened the conference. In his speech, he reminded the audience of Robert Bosch’s legacy. The company founder never lost sight of social well-being, and was committed to promoting education and health. “Today, there are many networks besides democratic institutions that make this country strong and beautiful,” said Gauck, who emphasized that civil society is the hope for a better future, also in countries such as Myanmar or India.



Gauck’s words were echoed by Kailash Satyarthi, who recently received the Nobel Peace Prize for this commitment to fighting child labor in India. “Each of us has something special to contribute,” said the founder of the “Global March against Child Labour” network. “We must globalize with compassion, and this is a message we must pass on to our children.” Muhammed Yunus also spoke at the conference. The inventor of micro-credit is also a founding member of the “Global Academy”, an Ashoka initiative. The non-profit organization is also a partner of Robert Bosch Stiftung. 


More information on “The Era of Citizens” conference can be found here 

News | "This Works" - job creation ideas

Bosch experts are helping social entrepreneurs come up with job creation concepts for southern Europe 
New developments at Robert Bosch Stiftung
Ana Bella Estévez founded a school in Spain that enables female victims of abuse to discover and nurture their inner fighter, and to successfully apply it in their working lives. This concept has proven to increase women’s chances of finding jobs, and could serve as a role model for other countries. Estévez was one of 15 social entrepreneurs who recently presented their innovative training concepts at the “GlobalizerX on Employment” conference. The event was hosted by Ashoka, a non-governmental organization. 
In cooperation with Robert Bosch Stiftung, Ashoka launched the “This Works!” project in 2014. The initiative aims to fight high youth unemployment in southern Europe. As Ashoka Fellows, social entrepreneurs from around the world are further developing ideas that have succeeded in their home countries, and they are receiving the support of experts along the way. Thomas Heinz and Dr. Alfred Odendahl are among them: the former Bosch executives held high-level positions in HR management and are now working for their former employer as Senior Experts. During the conference, they discussed the Ashoka Fellows’ ideas and provided detailed advice to several young entrepreneurs who were selected beforehand.
“Our common goal is to turn good ideas into business models and local pilot projects into concepts that can be implemented around the world. The aim is to come up with fast and effective job creation projects,” said Dr. Odendahl. “Youth Unemployment in Europe”, a study recently commissioned and published by Robert Bosch Stfitung, shows that there are serious gaps in occupational training schemes in Italy, Portugal, and Spain. These gaps could be closed if politics, business, and civil society cooperated to find solutions. 
In most cases, social enterprises need to be professionalized before they can grow. This includes establishing risk management measures and building relationships with large companies that can support innovative concepts. In this regard, discussions with the Senior Experts proved helpful for Sandra Schürmann and Lukas Harlan. The founders of the “Projektfabrik” initiative have developed an educational theater program that helps youth without occupational training find jobs or apprenticeships. Dr. Alfred Odendahl convinced the two social entrepreneurs that Bosch could also be a potential employer for these young adults.
More information on “This Works!” can be found here