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News | Artificial intelligence for more sustainability
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News | XXL energy management
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News | Bosch at Christopher Street Day

Special | Living a better life in the long term

Bosch publishes its Sustainability Report 2014
Clean air, safe vehicles, health, and social cohesion are just four of many factors that contribute to our quality  of life. Our current Sustainability Report describes how Bosch contributes to increasing prosperity and ensuring lasting well being. This year’s report focuses on environmental awareness, sensors for greater safety, diversity, and local commitment to social responsibility. 
With targeted training programs and associate contests, environmental awareness teams at Bosch locations around the world have contributed to reducing the company’s global CO2 emissions. For example, with its newly launched Go Green campaign, the Bosch Site in Changsha, China, replaced energy-intensive halogen metal halide lights with energy-efficient LED lamps. As a result, the site’s annual CO2 emissions have been reduced by 492 tons (see “Natural Capital” section, page 7).
They save lives, help save energy, and make everyday life easier: Bosch currently has more than 1,000 patents in the area of MEMS sensors. Thanks to our continuous development efforts, we have contributed to bringing this smart technology to the masses, and this has helped improve quality of life (see “Economic Capital” section, p. 10). 
Held in June 2014,the first global Bosch Diversity Day showed that diversity is contributing to finding solutions to the challenges of our times. Associates at some 200 locations around the world took part in a broad range of events that highlighted the importance of diversity (see “Human Capital” section, p. 13).
Last year, several thousand Bosch associates volunteered their time in local aid projects. By contributing their skills to promote social well being, they helped communities help themselves, and this reflected the spirit of company founder Robert Bosch (see “Social Capital” section, p. 16).
In our online special on the Sustainability Report, you will find additional examples of how Bosch and its associates are committed to securing a promising future around the world.
The Sustainability Report can be found here

Special : Technology for the energy turnaround

Virtual power plants are helping push the energy turnaround forward



Renewable sources of energy play a decisive role in efforts to significantly reduce CO2 emissions around the world. However, the transition to a sustainable energy supply can only succeed if energy from renewable sources can contribute to the basic supply quickly and reliably. In other words, even when the wind is not blowing or sunshine is nowhere to be seen, power must continue to flow seamlessly into the grid. Virtual power plants can ensure that this is the case. Such plants are complex systems that can pool the power generated by photovoltaic arrays and wind parks in a single storage system. Virtual power plants can offset fluctuations between energy supply and demand. As a result, they help provide consumers with power from renewable sources of energy as needed, and are thus pushing the energy turnaround forward.




From wind turbines and energy storage systems to software-based control systems, Bosch offers a broad range of solutions. For more information on virtual power plants, a sample project, and an interview with an expert on the matter, please consult our current online special: Technology for the energy turnaround.

Special: Education for life

The Education for All Global Monitoring Report points out that education helps people to free themselves from the poverty trap and lead independent lives.



However, providing equal access to education for children all over the world is still a long way off. Following this path requires commitment from business and society, as well as political action. Our new online special highlights the work of Bosch foundations in Germany, the United States, India, Brazil and China in order to support local education projects.


Click here to read our online-special in English 


Special: Megacities

The future of megacities



London developed into a metropolis with eight million inhabitants within 130 years. It took Shanghai just thirty years to achieve this growth. Today, there are already 23 million people living in this seaport in eastern China. They all need living space, a functioning infrastructure, and reliable access to food, water, and energy. This is a challenge that also offers opportunities for sustainable urban development.


Click here to read more about our online-special in English


Special: Occupational training

A model for success conquers the world



Bosch founded its own apprentices workshop 100 years ago. The Stuttgart invention is now a major export hit. The German dual system of training used by Bosch is used successfully in more than 20 countries. This year, Bosch in Vietnam is joining the community.

Click here to read more about our online-special in English