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News | Bosch at the Mobile World Congress 2017: the safer vehicle of the fu
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Special: Lust auf Technik - Löcher bohren
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News | Rock ‘n‘ eRoller for Berlin

News | Get in touch with technology

Bosch invited girls to take part in the Czech „Girls' Day“ in Jihlava

by Lucia Jaszayova

Who says that girls are not interested in technology? 20 girls – daughters of Bosch associates in the Czech Republic – proved otherwise. On October 14, they participated in the „Girls' Day“ held at the Jihlava plant. As a part of the program the girls, aged from eleven to 13, were divided into teams and given a task to build a tractor model using metal construction blocks.  



After lunch, the participants took the chance to visit the production site. They got an impression of the workplace of their parents and some valuable information regarding Bosch’s support of technical education of women.   

Finally, there was another competition prepared for them. To get the title „Technikgirl“, the girls had to demonstrate their knowledge not only about Bosch, but also about the tools that are used in the production plant.

The aim of the event was to stimulate girls' interest in technology by allowing them to peek into the world of engineering. "We want to encourage the girls. They should discover what technology is about and find out that working in technical professions can be fun", said Ralph Carle, Commercial Director of Bosch Diesel s.r.o.

The Girls’ Day in Jihlava is but one example how Bosch is supporting initiatives to spark children’s interest in technology. Similar events are held in Germany and Austria each year. Additionally, Bosch is a founding member of the “Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland” (Knowledge Factory – Companies for Germany). The initiative aims at giving children and young people a better understanding of business and technology. To support that objective, Bosch participates in some 280 educational partnerships with kindergartens and schools.


About Bosch Diesel s.r.o.:

Bosch Diesel s.r.o. employs 4.300 associates producing high pressure pumps for diesel engines, pressure tanks and control valves for the Common Rail system. Since the topic of technical education is very important in the region, Bosch Diesel s.r.o. is coming up with new approaches and activities. Since 2002, the company has led an own training center. It also supports dual training and technically oriented students.

More information on Bosch in the Czech Republic can be found here.

More information on the “Wissensfabrik” can be found here.

News | Supporting the specialists of tomorrow

Wissensfabrik celebrates its tenth anniversary
Ten years ago, the Wissensfabrik (knowledge factory) initiative was launched with the aim of sparking talented young people’s interest in technology, business, and the natural sciences. At the time, nine companies, including Bosch, entered into a partnership to promote early childhood education. Today, the network comprises 127 companies and corporate foundations. With partners from academia, they provide the tools and funding necessary to initiate educational projects for children, young adults, and young entrepreneurs.
The Wissensfabrik aims to provide long-term support. “Education is not the filling of barrels, but the spark of flames”, said Dr. Heiner Boeker of Bosch, quoting the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. From July 1, 2015, Boeker will succeed Johanna Coleman as chairperson of the organization when Coleman returns to BASF. Until now, 180 start-ups and 700,000 school students have benefited from the Wissenfabrik’s support.
The organization recently began cooperating with the “Jugend Forscht” foundation, and awards a special prize each year that aims to support young researchers start their own companies. In 2015, the prize went to Rieke-Marie Hackbarth, a 14-year-old high school student who invented a self-disinfecting stethoscope.
The awards ceremony took place at the anniversary celebration on June 8 at the BASF conference center in Ludwigshafen. Johanna Colemen and Dr. Boeker sealed a time capsule at the event that contained the network’s plans and wishes for the next ten years. Around 200 invited guests were asked to formulate a vision for the future at a “World Café”. Franz Fehrenbach, the chairman of Bosch’s supervisory board and member of the steering committee, was among them. The time capsule will be opened at the Wissensfabrik’s 20th anniversary.
The video on the anniversary celebration can be found here (German)
More information on the Wissensfabrik can be found here (German)

News: An adventure for little researchers

At Bosch Rexroth in Lohr, children are discovering the fascinating world of technology.



Hurrah, the light is lit! With lots of support from Bosch apprentices, little five- and six-year-old visitors from Kita Rodenbach day nursery managed to create a closed power circuit. To do that, they first had to learn where electricity actually comes from and how to handle the tools properly. Later on, the diminutive scientists returned to their kindergarten, complete with research “driver licenses” and brand new experiment kits.


Since 2009, Bosch Rexroth has been inviting children from nearby kindergartens to take part in research adventures specifically tailored to this age group. As a founding member of the German association “Wissensfabrik” (Knowledge Factory), the company also maintains education partnerships with high schools, secondary-technical schools, and junior high schools. The aim is to give children and young people the chance to gain insights into the world of technology at a level appropriate to their age. “Education is a core building block in Germany’s competitiveness on the international stage. That’s why it is important to get girls and boys interested in technology and business early on,” says Franz Fehrenbach. The chairman of the Bosch supervisory council has been head of the Wissensfabrik since June 2013.



The charitable association was founded in 2005 by the companies BASF, Bosch, Fischer, Follmann, KSB, Thyssen Krupp, Trumpf, Voith, and Wall. It seeks to optimize the way young people are prepared for the challenges of the knowledge society and thus make a lasting contribution to Germany’s status as a location for education and training. Around 100 member companies are currently committed to 2,400 education partnerships with kindergartens and schools in their region.

Find out more about the Wissensfabrik in German language here.


News: 100th educational partnership

Bosch Solar Energy and the Arnstadt public high school sign cooperation within the context of the Wissensfabrik


2011_100th_educationalThe Bosch Solar Energy business division and the public high school “Staatliches Gymnasium” in Arnstadt, Thuringia have signed a cooperative agreement to promote an early career orientation of students. For Bosch this is the 100th educational partnership within the context of the Wissensfabrik. The goal of this association – founded by German firms like BASF, Thyssen-Krupp und Trumpf – is to trigger enthusiasm for technology and business among boys and girls as early as kindergarden on through high school. As emphasized by Dr. Wolfgang Malchow, board member for human resources at Bosch, "In Germany I consider it a duty for companies in particular to promote interest in technical occupations through active interaction with children and youth. This is the only way we can win over qualified junior staff for tomorrow and beyond."

The cooperation initiated in Thuringia offers students an opportunity to become familiar with Bosch Solar Energy. They receive information about promising, sustainable careers in the photovoltaic industry. The agreement is intended to help students make timely decisions about their future professions and to make the transition from school into the working world easier. Furthermore, students can take part in various projects and activities adressing questions pertaining to renewable energy sources and thus become sensitized to actively participate in a more environmentally aware society. The cooperation also actively involves the teachers of mathematics and the natural sciences in order to jointly determine the special requirements a technically oriented company places on curriculum and students.

"This partnership creates a good foundation for an ongoing dialog between school and company that will actively structure teaching in support of potential future generations" states Dr. Martin Wöhr, Head of Human Resources for Bosch Solar Energy AG. Christine Löber, the high school's principal adds, "This cooperation with Bosch Solar Energy AG is an outstanding opportunity to identify individual talents and interests of students in order to help them make qualified decisions about their professional careers.”

Robert Bosch GmbH is a co-founder of the Wissensfabrik [knowledge factory] educational initiative founded in 2005. Its goal is to make Germany's economy viable for the future and to prepare the next generation for the challenges of a knowledge-based society. Till the end of 2011 Bosch plans to set up 25 new educational partnerships.

News: Jugend forscht 2010

Bosch has been supporting Germany's oldest and best-known competition for young researchers for 25 years



In its role of corporate sponsor, Bosch has staged the Baden-Württemberg heat of the Jugend forscht competition for the 25th time in succession. Inspired by this year's competition theme "Discover new worlds", 128 young researchers presented a total of 58 outstanding projects in Stuttgart. They had previously qualified for the Baden-Württemberg heat of the contest at one of nine regional competitions and were selected from 1,205 young people. "Bosch supports young people through various projects. We want them to get involved with science and technology at an early age and develop a real enthusiasm for the subject," said Dr. Wolfgang Malchow, member of the Board of Management of Robert Bosch GmbH.

With 10,196 entries from throughout Germany, more young people submitted a project in 2010 than ever before. The previous record for the number of entrants was 10,102 in 2008. The proportion of girls and young women taking part stands at 35 percent, which represents a positive step forward. In the 45th round of the competition, biology continues to be the subject area with the most entries, at around 24 percent. Technology is in second place at around 20 percent, as was the case last year. There are seven different research areas in total. Each of the subject area winners from Baden-Württemberg will represent their state at the national finals in Essen from May 13 to 16, 2010.

In addition to organizing the Baden-Württemberg heat of the Jugend forscht competition, Bosch is also the corporate sponsor of two further Jugend forscht competitions at regional level. Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH has been supporting the regional contest for central Hesse since 1996. In the Hildesheim region, Bosch collaborates with local partners to promote the region's Jugend forscht competition. Bosch is also a founding member of “Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V.” (Knowledge Factory – Companies for Germany), which aims to encourage the early support and education of children and young people in science and technology. The company has already established 59 partnerships with educational institutions such as kindergartens and schools across Germany.