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News | Shaping the energy turnaround with storage technology

Bosch and EnBW are developing new energy storage systems to stabilize the power grid 

The energy turnaround not only means exploiting new sources of power, it also calls for innovative approaches to energy production. In addition to conventional power plants, a growing number of small producers are now appearing on the market. Wind and solar parks, cogeneration units, heat pumps, and biogas plants are now also feeding power into the public grid. Since the amount of energy that those facilities produce often depends on factors that cannot be controlled, such as wind and sunlight, energy storage solutions ensure that the power supply becomes constant and reliable. Bosch is developing such solutions for both energy providers and industrial companies.



At present, Bosch is driving a promising project forward together with EnBW, a German energy provider: At the EnBW power plant in Heilbronn, the company is planning an energy storage system that will make primary regulation energy available, thus offsetting short-term fluctuations in the grid. “The cooperation with EnBW is another important step toward establishing energy storage systems in the market and thus helping ensure the success of the energy turnaround,” says Cordelia Thielitz, the president of Bosch Energy Storage Solutions. Solutions like these not only ensure a reliable power supply, but furthermore contribute to making renewable sources of energy reliable and suitable for widespread use.

The energy storage system comprises 768 lithium-ion battery models and a maximum output of five megawatts with an installed storage capacity of five megawatt hours. The amount of power that the storage system receives and dispenses corresponds to the average consumption of about 400 two-person households. In a first step, the two companies will establish a joint project enterprise that will be in charge of planning, building, connecting, and operating the battery.

More information on the joint project between Bosch and EnBW can be found here (only in German available).